Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

AS 4349.1 & AS 4349.3

Purchaser Buying a property :-  This type of inspection is performed for, clients buying a property, they get information to make a informed decision about the home they are considering.

Vendors Selling a property :-Rather than risk the contract sale on the property, being terminated due to defects identified after the contract has been signed. These inspections identify defects, the vendor can address prior to going to sale, and also creates transparency.

Pool Safety Inspections

If you are buying a home on the Sunshine Coast, then you need to have a pool inspection done. During an inspection we not only check it for safety, but we also check the integrity of the structure itself. 

As part of a pool inspection we will ensure a pool complies with all safety regulations, such as fence heights and styles, gate function and other issues such as nearby vegetation and other structures. The main point from a safety point of view is to make sure access to the pool area by children is prevented.

Asbestos Audits

Asbestos audits must be considered before buying, renovating, or performing maintenance works on buildings built prior to 1990. All commercial buildings constructed prior to 31 December 1989, that are used as a workplace, must have a complaint Register and Management Plan in place. The registers and management plans are essential when selling a commercial building.

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports document the condition of a building adjoining or adjacent to a structure that is about to undergo construction or demolition works. These works may include civil construction like roads, sewer mains, construction etc. By documenting the condition of the building, any additional damages from the adjacent works would be liable for repairs to your property if identified.

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